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Feb 27, 2008

So..... I STILL Hate The News

So I'm sitting in my hotel room in OK waiting until Friday for Seth wedding and decide to kill some time with... the television. What of course comes on? Fox News, that's what (award yourself 5 points if you got that right). So I'm like okay, news, I'll give it another shot. BIG MISTAKE! The headline at 10:52 p.m. was about none other than Britney Spears and her alleged drug problems. I wondered to myself, is there seriously nothing better to report about than celebrities? I mean, I thoughts that E! was for (award yourself another 5 points if you agree), disregarding The Soup of course. I mean why not raise AIDs awareness or Darfur, or, heaven forbid, more political background stories. I guess I must agree with my previous post and re-voice my opinion about how the news that is reported is hardly news at all. I won't bore you again with my views but look them up in my previous post if you wanna.
I must say that the ONLY redeeming quality of the news is 11 - 12 on Comedy Central. Yes citizens I am talking about none other than The Daily Show With Jon Stewart followed by The Colbert Report.
Another redeeming quality, as reported by the one and only Will-ber, is The Drudge Report.
So check the real stuff out.

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