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Sep 23, 2007

The News

When I seldomly watch the news I constantly think to myself, "Why aren't they reporting what really matters?" I mean I am all for keeping the public informed on the President and the Bull Market but let's get some exciting happy news happening on these stations! Wish people 'Happy Birthday' or personal interviews with Average Joes.
Personally I would rather there be a moment of silence for the people who died in an alley today than know whether or not Tom and Katie went on a cruise! Why isn't there a TV or Radio station that notifies parents on what is really going on. and I don't mean ratting kids out but I do mean having someone to say, "Hey parents, have you hugged your kid today?" What is the matter with having someone who encourages helping people like we KNOW we should and would want people to do if we were in their position.

We should just lend a hand, man.

Screw 'The Man', man.

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