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Sep 25, 2007


Last night I waited from 8:30pm to 12am for the midnight release of Halo 3 and needless to say I was very excited about the whole event and game. While I was waiting in line I was thinking about how no one gets excited anymore. When was the last time you got truly excited about something? I don't mean being happy that The Bourne Ultimatum was in theaters, beacause I know I was, but I mean genually and literally excited. Jump out of your seat and dance excited.

People need to be extactic about things now-a-days. Children today trust so much and are joyful about new toys or a trip to grandma's house while adults smile and maybe say "Man I am so excited" but they never show it.

But then again maybe people don't show excitement the same way I do. The way people express themselves is a testament to how intrekit (or however you spell it) the human mind is.

Excitement should be an emotion commonly expressed.

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