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Feb 11, 2009


So since I'm off on a trip this weekend, I thought I should leave you all with some great things I've found recently.

1st up: Kanye West being a total poop head.

This is actual footage of a Kanye concert as he freestyle raps to an audience member who apparently threw a penny at him in the show. The language I cannot vouch for but the rawness of it I can :)

Secondly. If you love "FAIL" as much as I do, here is the best place for it. In case you don't know FAIL, it's basically a way to excise superiority humor and mock dumb mistakes. Here are a few instances
Fail Blog


Li Wei Art

Finally - one of the few quality things to come from SNL in the past 5 years.

Oh yeah and happy Valentine's day.... or whatevs.


I haven't stopped laughing at this video for days. Please watch it....

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