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Dec 26, 2008

Weekend Warriors: Lateral THE CHOPPA!

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!
You materialistic jerks.....

Okay, so this is very, very disturbing but also very, very hilarious. As long as blood doesn't bother you, go right ahead. If you're Seth Rainwater, just keep scrolling down.
Build Your Own "Huey Hog" Model Chopper
Nothing like putting together your new model helicopter on Christmas day!

Okay, so this video is phenomenal. I don't know anything more about this team other than the video but I want to know the genius behind this play. Do I hear the "Little Giants" theme playing?
Wait... you've never seen "Little Giants"?
S'ok, sucked anyways. Just watch Mighty Ducks 2. That's the only children's sports movie that ever needs to be made.

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