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Nov 21, 2008

Hello, my name is Weekend Warriors #6

Due to events which occurred this past week, here is a post about the ultimate prankster.
Learn about Andy Kaufman here.

Andy Kaufman on SNL... HILARIOUS!

Classic Kaufman skit. Imitated frequently but never as good as the originial.

Here is the epitome of Andy's work. The fact that no one knows if he's joking or not is testament to the fact that he is the greatest comedian of all time. Guess the joke's on us.

Man On The Moon

Seth's Review: 5 Stars
erhaps it is because I love, LOVE Andy Kaufman, but I think that this movie is fantastic. Taking cues and staying true to man actual Kaufman happenings, Man on the Moon stays true to the heart of its story while still exposing the audience to Andy's comedy. A movie that pays proper to a comedica great of our time and does so with style; a must see!

My Review: 4 Stars
I went into this movie knowing nothing of Andy Kaufman other than his name. As I watched the social deconstruction and personal genius flow from Jim Carey's accurate portrayal of Kaufman I realized what I had been missing. A new kind of humor that makes more sense to me than any other kind, Andy Kaufman opened my eyes to laughs. This movie is awesome and it is all thanks to the life and times of Andy. Each scene was a better depiction than the last with the finale tying the greatest joke of all time together. For anyone who likes anti-comedy, this is a must see.

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