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Oct 20, 2008

Thank You Katharine - You Have Brightened Our Lives

So I was in tears from the Aphex cover and in tears (from laughter) from this video that Katharine showed me. Here is our conversation before, during, and after the amazingness.

Katharine: random question. have you ever seen the mobile alabama news report about the leprechaun sighting?
Josh: Are you drunk right now?
Katharine: hahahaha. noo. you've never seen it??
Josh: Never
Katharine: oh my goodness. keep in mind. this happened. not a joke
Josh: Alright. This is amazing....HAHAHA!
Katharine: hahahahha
Katharine: "This amateur sketch..."
Josh: Oh my gosh, the car lady is awesome. "Don't be afraid"
Katharine: COULD BE A CRACK HEAD. hahahahah
Katharine: josh i am shocked you've never seen this
Josh: FLUTE!
Katharine: hhahahahhaah
Katharine: hahahahaha
Josh: OH MY GOSH!. I'm watching that again right now
Katharine: hahahahah. it's amazing. errybody seen the leprachaun say YEAHHH
Josh: YEAH!
Katharine: hahahahahha
Josh: Are these people drunk all the time?
Katharine: that, or just on crack
Josh: Who got on to the wrong stuff
Katharine: hahahahahah i was so hoping you'd say that
Josh: In sync man. Wait... He says "It's been passed down for thousands of years from my great, great grandfather." Awesome
Katharine: hahahahhahah i know!! his irish grandfather. the dude is black. don't be afraid man!
Josh: Thank you Katharine.....

Now, watch this video immediately!

Leprechaun In Chiton, Alabama

4 - Aphex Twin - Electronica - Richard D. James Album
The original. In order to understand the complexity of this song you must first free yourself from any emotions whatsoever because I guarantee you will feel them all during the next 3:31 minutes of your life. This song fits any occasion and is one of the best songs ever recorded. Hands down.

4 - Alarm Will Sound - Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin - Classical
One of the most complex covers I've ever heard. It's all orchestral and it's AFX. Enough said?

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