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Aug 9, 2008

The State Formerly Known As "The Union"

So here is little essay I wrote a little while ago in school for my current events class.

“Tonight the state of our union is strong – and together we will make it stronger.” These words uttered by President George W. Bush are a testament to how the government and media want us to see the world and how “we the people” long to see the world. The fact still remains that the state of our nation and world is weak and feeble. Even years after out initial invasion into Iraq, U.S. troops still remain causing controversy, both in America and the Middle East, about both the length of our visit and even our initial purpose. Was it America’s place to intervene? Is it America’s place to intervene in any foreign affairs? My belief is that the state of our union is spiraling toward despair and destruction. Please note that this belief is not only held about my view of our nation, but of our world and its affect and effect of our nation to it. With tragic events such as Anna Nicole Smith’s death that our news crews believe that they absolutely must report on every “breaking” detail about this “crisis” of a girl who, other than her sex appeal, had nothing going for her. If our nation waits on hand and knee for it to change itself, nothing is going to happen. If we truly long to change, we must do it ourselves. How else are we going to rule out prejudice; teach our children differently.? How will change come about our people; according to Barrack Obama, we would have to vote for him. Yet what people don’t realize is that they have the power to change not only themselves but also the world around them. The fact of the matter is that people are the problem, not foreign diplomatic troubles or Iraqi conflict. If “we the people” truly long to hold our forefathers’ truths to what they truly are, then we all need to realize that humans are naturally evil, literally evil. If we all selfishly act however we want to then conflict will continue to arise. What citizens need to do is be people of love, what this means is that we need to love as Christ loved. As cliché as that sounds, it is truer than most Christians want to declare. When Christ was on the earth, he calmed storms, resolved problems and basically stuck it to The Man harder than anyone ever has. There are few people today who would willingly die for their beliefs. For people, maybe, but not their morals. It is this writer’s belief that America should not meddle in international affairs until we can establish and maintain ourselves. I’ll go ahead and say that I don’t support the war in Iraq and that I think it is one of the several mistakes our government has made during this past reign. If America dealt only with situations that directly affected it, such as embargos or personal threats, I believe that its reputation would slowly begin to be restored. Sure, we should always help our allies when they call, but invading a country because of a false pretense, that’s ridiculous. Christians and nonbelievers alike are equally responsible. In my opinion, the state of the world is in shams and at certain times, I am ashamed to call myself American.

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