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Jun 22, 2008

For Those Keeping Count

So this is the 50th post on this blog and I have been debating for a couple of days whether or not to do something special or not. The only logical conclusion that I could come to is... what is the point? The fact of the matter is that if anyone is actually reading this, they shouldn't be. Why read my blog when there are hundreds out there? What makes mine so special? These are the questions that raced through my head as I debated the simplicity/complication of this quasi-special post. All I could think to do was to point you all to the blogs that make mine even half-descent; ones that I view regularly.

Ten Ton Truck
My brother.... how many ways can I count... the ways.... that.... wow. That was a little complicated. Your classically experience blogger, this project of Seth's is updated weekly and is long appreciated and anticipated. With a new video, musik uploads with personal stories, movie reviews and intriguing pictures. This blog is high above the competition and is a worthy of all's attention for any lover of media or life.

The Finer Things Blog
The anonymous Keel Swearingjones has swept across the internet deciphering the world's mysteries all the while bringing movie reviews and musik of the week and if you're lucky, "Person Of The Week." Yes, it's true, I was the first POTW and yes it is esteemed so it's okay to be jealous (toot, toot!). If you want a writer who's funny and angry, this is your man... woman.... anonymous member of the world.

Overheard In New York
While I know this isn't a "blog," per say, it is still funny and the perfect time waster. I can't understand how some people can be so naive but some of these posts are amazing(ly funny). Well worth the page load.

Blac Lilacs
While I don't know much about this blog other than the sweet drawings and essays I can say that I am a fan. The blog consists of several contributors, two of which are Seth and Matt. These guys are really talented artists/writers and I can't wait for more.

Life In The Field
HEY OH! The ultimate political blog, Will delivers comedy and world news in ones package. Sure it's been done before (I think a guy name Cobear or something tried it) but Will-ber was making these jokes long before any self-help writing "comedian" was. One of the funniest people I know now keeps me up to date. Thank you Will.

Post Secret
If you haven't heard of this project by now, you absolutely must check it out. With over 150 million views of the blog unpublicized, this non-profit blog is amazing, captivating, heartwarming, funny, sad and every other emotion you can think of. There are several printed copies of secrets in book format that any fan of the project would enjoy for as odd as it may seem, it's nice to look at the same secrets over and over. In case you don't know what this is, Frank Warren explains it every week in the first few secrets. The blog updates every Sunday.

The Human League
My buddy Adam has started a little project of musik and politics over at this link and needless to say it's "purty good." If you like 80's and/or Barack, this the site for you.

Pelican's Perch
A blog I stumbled upon one day that is really worth checking out. This guy has great taste in movies and musik and offers free mixes, along with some personal side stories here and there for a personal connection. Great mp3's and great reviews.

The Misfit
A wonderful blog by a wonderful girl, this blog is a stream-of-consciousness blog about whatever she wants to write about and frankly (if that is your real name) I can't get enough. Keep on serving it up Megan!

I Found Your Camera
Seriously, this is exactly what it sounds like. There isn't a hidden message or political propaganda, just pictures from lost cameras. Pretty cool stuff.

Dispatches From The Shadowlands
Pretty much the best Christian blog out there, Don Stephens catalogues his workings for the Lord in Sarajevo, Bosnia. With encouraging words, funny stories, and helpful insight, this one is worth checking out for any religion.

Rotten Tomatoes
The ultimate film review site, Rotten Tomatoes tells it like it is. I had searched far and wide for a truthful review site that agreed with my taste before Seth told me about this one and boy oh boy is it the goose with the golden egg. Even though they are wrong on rare occasion, check this one out for a honest movie review.

Film Drunk
Serving up whatever they want as long as it's film related, this is the best movie news site on the web. Period.

Game Informer
Like the magazine, this is an online extension offering in-depth stories and full reviews. If you like video games and want an honest opinion, check it out.

Funny Or Die...
This one needs no introduction....

College Humor
Just watch the Hardly Working series and you'll see what the craze is about.

So there you have it. Every website I view on a regular basis is right above here in plain view. If you even think you might like this blog, then you'll love the others.

Concerning the e-mails about my last post. CHILL OUT! The movie list is coming up soon but you must be patient. Like I said, there are still a few more I must view (now it's about 6 left). But I appreciate the critique because any press is good press. Patience, young padawans.

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Blogger Will Crosswell said...

So, in response to your comment to "57 States?", I see your point, but adamantly disagree. He said "states," and even if you had counted the territories and DC, he still says there's one phantom "state" out there. I see your point, but he still goofed and should think before he speaks.

June 25, 2008 at 10:25 AM  

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