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May 13, 2008

New Way Of Seeing What They Want Us To

So with the recent visit from my broski Seth, who is as much of, if not more, of a movie fan as I. When we watch a movie, my brother and I rate and review it on Flixster. This site is great because you can give your detailed reviews and your star rating from half a star to five stars with half star increments. Usually I rate the movies I see on Flixster on how much I like (or dislike) it, i.e. The Never Ending Story isn't that good of a movie yet I gave it 5/5 because I love it. My brother on the other hand has the ideology that aspects of a movie do nothing but add or subtract yet are there for a particular reason. While I personally pay close attention to musik/sound, cinematography, art direction, etc., Seth has the ideology for as long as they don't take away from the movie, they aren't bad. This was unprecedented to me because I think unless they are good they take away. I don't know which way is right or makes for a better experience, I just thought upon reading this, you too would discover the way you decipher a movie.

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