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Apr 18, 2008

Bashing.... But Out Of Love

Recently I received negative feedback about my monthly playlists:
"Hey Josh, i'm not really looking for good stuff to listen to. In fact, i am looking not to listen. Period. Ever. I'm done with hearing." Personally, I love criticism but there is a fine line between analysis and attack. This "friend" of mine's reaction to a non-pressure suggestion resembled that of a smelly baby; cranky, loud and, pardon the French, poopie. The reason I say pardon the French there is because this wo/man, let's call him/her "Will", thrives on France and its culture. S/he is always sending me these random pictures of French people and French fries and no offense "Will", but it's getting annoying. This post is not story time or a filosofee, yet only a bashing at all who oppose the blog. Scientologists call anyone who opposes Scientology a SP (Suppressive Person) and I will now adopt this wondrous title to all fools of the world.
So as much as I would love to make fun of "Will" even more, I must thank him/her for being the first of many SPs. Thank you "Will" for being my first loser.

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Blogger Will Crosswell said...

Um... what?

April 20, 2008 at 12:46 AM  

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