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Oct 27, 2008

Where Are You Putting Your Tiger?

So this week is based on the genius behind: The Finer Things Blog. This is one of a few blogs which I avidly follow and I encourage all of you to actually take the time to read his thoughts. He's intelligent and forward, in your face and uncompromising, biased and white. He uses a pseudonym. His name is not Keel Swearingjones, it's America. 

So recently, Keel was a guest columnist for his school's paper. First let me say that Keel is extremely opinionated; that's a good thing. He seized this opportunity to attempt to set the paper, his school and the overall attitude of "college party life" straight. You can read the article here: Sexual Devolution. It's durn good and I wish that all could read it. I'm expecting more and more from him.

Keel is also a part-time-hobby photographer. Here are some of my personal favorites. 

Some musik for my man.

Pyramid Song - Radiohead - Amnesiac - Alternative
The first song I ever heard by Radiohead and a masterpiece - Radiohead is possibly one of three mutual bands Keel and I share. I chose this one because it's meaningful to me and because we both like the band.

My Body Is A Cage - Arcade Fire - Neon Bible - Rock
I have neither the tenacity nor the talent to dissect this song. BUT! I know someone who does: Keel greatly loves this song, so much so that he wrote a masterful filosofeecal post about it on TFTB: "Set My Spirit Free"

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division - Substance - Pop/Electronic
One of the most influential songs of all time: I'm very glad Keel likes these guys. Without them, none of you indie kids would exist. 

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