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Nov 13, 2008

Angry, Creepy and Old: Weekend Warriors #5

I'm posting early due to a much needed explanation of why my files no longer work:
Okay so I am officially ticked off at FileDen. They, for some unknown reason, have suspended my account again. Goodbye files! Whatever, I'm now going to be using zShare (unless someone can suggest a better site). If any of you are just dying to get one of the previous tracks just comment this post or e-mail me at "" and I'll put that one up. Sorry for the inconvenience but it won't happen again... at least not without bloodshed.

Anyways, here is episode one again if anyone still wants it.
Episode 1 (Better than "The Phantom Menace" I promise)

Now time to cool off with a funny video.

Wow.... If only my choir was this cool.

Now time to tense back up with a weird one.

**Before you watch this video be advised. It may freak you out. It is of a girl with a split tongue and vampire teeth. It isn't gross necessarily, just pretty wild. Just thought I'd warn you (i.e. Seth)

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