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Sep 4, 2009

The Top Songs Of The 2000s: 10-1

Here is the end our journey through the top 150 songs of the past decade: 2000-2009.

10. Priests And Paramedics - Pedro The Lion
There is no band with simpler musikal construction than Pedro The Lion. They are the epitome of how the simple is what makes a great song. David Bazan's voice isn't all that great but his lyrics are memorable and poetic. Any one of their songs would have made my top ten but I chose this song because it's the first Pedro song that I ever heard with my brother. I love this band for what they represent in musik and I love this band.

9. Electric Feel - MGMT
Every hipster, indie kid, alternative, whatever, knows this song. It's catchy. It's 5 chords with a melody that makes everyone sing much higher than their range allows - with no shame. It was the best song of 2008 and it's still around more than a year and half later (since the digital release was in 2007). There are plenty of remixes, covers and terrible bar guitarists trying to recreate the danceability or electro-catchiness but nothing beats the original. Shock me like an electric eel.

8. Knife - Grizzly Bear
"I want you to know
When I look in your eyes
With every blow
Comes another lie

You think it's alright
You think it's alright
You think it's alright
You think it's alright

Can't you feel the knife?
Can't you feel the knife?
Can't you feel the knife?
Can't you feel the knife?"
This is all the song consists of. A basic guitar, some sustain, a distant drum and some choral work. It's so basic but so beautiful. You love someone. You tell them. They lie again to get around talking about it. They stab you in the back. Every failed crush has been summed up in 6 lines. Every failed crush can be fixed with this song on repeat.

7. Lion's Mane - Iron & Wine
In reality, I could put Iron & Wine as all 150 songs on this list. They are in my top 3 favorite bands of all time. Sam is complex yet accessible. I've heard people say that they love listening to Iron & Wine as they go to sleep because of the low production quality and the relaxing construction of the song and I've heard people say that they get too excited to sleep every time they listen to ole' Sam pluck the guitar. This song is a prime example of the capabilities and of the style of Iron & Wine and if you don't like this song you probably won't like Iron & Wine. If you don't like Iron & Wine then you probably aren't my friend.

6. One More Time - Daft Punk
Daft. Punk. Daft. Punk. Daft. Punk. "Hey, let's make dance musik accessible to everyone who listens to our masterpieces." This has to be what Daft Punk was saying whenever they released Discovery. Homework is great, don't get me wrong. I love it. It's grungy, it's old school, it's super legit. Discovery - that's a flawless album. Starting out with a song about partying and ending with a 10 minute trance-esque song, this album is Daft Punk's brightest star. This is the first track on the album. This song should be played at every dance party. Ever.

5. A Song For Christine - Anathallo
Anathallo is so underrated. They don't perform this song anymore due to changed band members since its recording but this is just one of many examples I could have chosen to show their expertise in all things musik. I've seen these guys several times and each experience has been different. The first time in a local Florence venue called The Lower Room these guys were beating on lead pipes and slamming shoes around to keep the tempo for the trombones to blare in our faces while the guitar tones just made my ears cry with joy. They get the crowd involved and they want to learn why you like musik. They are a great example of people who are beyond skill, who are people too. Anathallo creates musik. Anathallo creates love. Please, please get their albums. I don't know why these guys are more popular than Arcade Fire or MGMT because they are definitely on a higher caliber of expertise and melody.

4. Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun - M83
A 10 minute song to end a flawless album from M83. This is a great representation of what M83 does well: build ups and breakdowns, forever sustained synths and epic drums. This makes a great electronic band. This is the most epic song of the past decade. If you've seen this video you can't help but imagine it every time you embark on listening to this song. Don't hurry this song. Don't listen to it in pieces. Start this song. Drive at night. Roll down your windows. Feel alive. Repeat when necessary.

3. Hey Ya! - OutKast
OutKast knows a thing or two about making a good song. The Love Below/Speakerboxxx is one of the best hip hop/rap albums of all time and it's just that. Rap AND hip hop. Wait, are you saying that there is a hip hop CD that came out AFTER 1997!?!? Yes. OutKast done it real well. The most loved hip hop/rap song of the past decade. Everyone knows it. Everyone sings it. Everyone loves it. Its great. It's so freaking great. This is modern hip hop. I wish it hadn't died already.

2. Pyramid Song - Radiohead
I think we all knew that Radiohead would be in the top 10. I think we all know why. Besides their greatness and expertise at mastering strings, synth, reverb, bass, drums, beats, choruses, melodies, lyrics and everything else musikal, this was the first Radiohead song I ever heard. It means so much to me. It was a pivotal moment in musik. It was a pivotal moment in life.

1. Play Your Part (Pt. 1) - Girl Talk
Lost of people may disagree with this choice but let me justify myself. 1973 - Edgar Winter Group's song "Frankenstein" conatins take offs from popular songs and melodies on purpose. It was the first kind of sampling song and it was done with all instruments. An unheard of idea. 1977 - Afrika Bambaataa creates the idea of bringing turntablists together in a peaceful fashion. The first wide acceptance and use of DJs (who use all samples) in a corporation which gained a significant amount of press in the musik scene. An unheard of idea. 1996 - DJ Shadow puts out Endtroducing..., hands down the best turntablist album of all time. Cutting, beat juggling, mixing, doing things on a turntable that put every DJ to shame. A perfection of an art. 2004 - Greg Gillis of Girl Talk puts out Unstoppable, an album that is entirely mash ups and not just mash ups. Several songs in one collective song. 2006 - Girl Talk perfects his art with Night Ripper, blowing minds left and right. 2008 - Girl Talk puts out the best song of the decade.
There is nothing more than can be done with musik.
This is the final frontier of musik and Girl Talk does it best.
Get the whole album here.

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Coming soon: The Top Albums Of The 2000s.

Thanks to these guys for letting us jack their MP3s.

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Anonymous Paul said...

Thanks for your willingness and diligence in sharing groovy tracks with people you don't know.

I've really enjoyed reading your list. Keep up the ministry.

September 5, 2009 at 4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree completely with #2 and #1 both amazing songs you could basically put up Feed the animals as #1 because the album is so good and its all basically one connected song

February 14, 2010 at 2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the feed the animals comments. one of the things that is so amazing about the record is how the mix stays in the listener's head so when one hears any of the songs used in the mix, they immediately conjure up fragments of other songs... i.e. on the rare occasion that i might hear something like 'since you been gone' by kelly clarkson, there is just a tid bit of street cred provided by the accompanying rap that inevitably pops into my head... which makes the experience a little less agonizing. Feed the Animals strikes a balance between gangster street cred and super glossy cheese pop. incredible, ironic, amusing and bad ass.

plus if you really want to freak your 50/60 something parents out, play this album for them, that features much of their generation's music, and see how much they can handle. cheers.

March 30, 2010 at 3:35 PM  

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