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Aug 30, 2009

The Top Songs Of The 2000s: 100-76

Here continues our journey through the top 150 songs of the past decade: 2000-2009.

100. Elephant Gun - Beirut
The best American folk band I've ever heard, Beirut varies from heavy strings to heavy horns to heavy synths. This song is constructed with horns and a strong percussion base. The vocals are in perfect harmony with the feel of the song and we feel as if we're listening to another culture. That's what Beirut does best. This is a great example of it

99. Habeas Corpus - The Agony Scene
A perfect example of what hard core should be like: structure, heavy, pounding double bass, muddy and fast guitar solo, loud screaming which makes even the happiest of people want to murder a puppy. Let's just examine the drums in this song. They are not overpowering in the least bit but have a consistent presence with the driving cymbal work and syncopated and double bass work. You would be safe in saying that the drums are the main instrument in this song. The guitar is, while intense, very basic and the screams are nothing we haven't heard before. Listen to this song and appreciate it for what it is.

98. The Golden Age - Beck
Beck's masterpiece. The most logical stuff he did was off of Sea Change and what better song to represent that album than The Golden Age? It's melodic, relaxing, memorable and a step in the sane direction for Beck. I wish he'd stuck with this work.

97. Feel Good Inc. [ft. De La Soul] - Gorillaz
Gorillaz are phenomenal and anyone who disagrees is flat out wrong (unless you're talking about their Lakita Come Home album. What is that crap?) This is a perfect example of the genius of Gorillaz and with the classic animated musik video to accompany it, what is not to love? Oh, how about we add one of the best legit hip hop bands of all time on a verses or two? Done. De La Soul's appearance on this song just makes the song all the more catchy and all the better. This song is funky. Believe it. Live it. Do it.

96. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
This Pop/Punk Rock songs makes for one of the best popular air band songs of the past decade. The lyrics are constantly mistaken but that never keeps anyone from singing their own version of the chorus. This is a simply catchy song and you should approach it in the sort.

95. I Changed My Mind [ft. Kanye West] - Keyshia Cole
This is what modern Pop/R&B should sound like. Typical lyrics, looped claps, and a beautiful black lady singing her heart about how, once again, she's been hurt; the only way she can deal with it? Write a song and tear my heart out with it.

94. Today - Zero 7
José González, the wondrous guitarist, is in this band. Think of his work, synthesized and poppy-er and you've got Zero 7. This is a great movie song and the off beat percussion just makes you want to shake your hips a little bit. Not too much since this is a rather silent song, but just enough to keep you coming back. And when the chorus comes back with "Today" and the musik picks up a little, backed with harmonious vocalists - it's just hard to beat that.

93, Gotta Have You - The Weepies
Pop/Folk about longing for love. Soft, intimate, beautiful and sing-a-long worthy. This is The Weepies greatest song, hands down. "No amount of coffee, no amount of cryin', no amount of whisky, no amount of wine. No, no, no, no, no, nothing else will do, I gotta have you, I gotta have you." That's awesome.

92. Mushaboom - Feist
A prime example of the pop sensibility of Feist. So basic, Leslie Feist's voice is the predominate factor in this song until the chorus picks up and the claps take over, making the listeners want to clap as well. I love that. I love it when a song makes me want to clap along with it. Do I feel silly doing it? Yes. Does that stop me? Never. Also, this song has one of my favorite lines of all time. No, not the made up chorus word "mushaboom", but when she says, "I got a man to stick it out, And make a home from a rented house oh, And we'll collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the future's done oh." That's beautiful.

91. 54 Cymru Beats - Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin is the most complex electronic artist of all time. Hands down. What is he doing? Granted, his beats are heavily distorted and he uses sick breaks to throw us off but I've never heard anything like this. At least nothing else that I liked. It's hard to listen to but I always want more. That's talent.

90. Cute Without The "E" (Cut From The Team) - Taking Back Sunday
The song that defined a posing scene. This is pop/punk, this is middle school, this is every insecurity I ever felt. Taking Back Sunday, along with Thursday and Brand New, were the only bands I listened to for a long time. This song exemplifies everything I want; death, love, acceptance, rebellion, and a sweet break down.

89. Without Me - Eminem
I don't care if you guys don't like Eminem - I do. He's good. He made rap musik for white people. It's poppy yet still offensive. His lyrics torture the minds of school principals while inspire the rebellious white kid and that's the way he wants it. Eminem knows exactly what he's doing. That's genius. Effing genius.

88. Sleeper 1972 - Manchester Orchestra
Manchester Orchestra's best song is also the song that worst example of their musik. This song is very soft, very delicate. You will feel something listening to this song. Sometimes, we just need to put on a long, slow song and examine ourselves. This is a great song to practice that.

87. At Your Funeral - Saves The Day
Shock lyrics. Terrifying. Basic rock. Done right. Back up, repeated vocals. "You and I." Sing-a-long. Loudly.

86. Last Night - The Strokes
The Strokes are the garage band you wanted to be in all of high school. You can imagine your best rocker friends being The Strokes and I'm sure that the band would totally be okay with that. They are just here to make musik and present a good time. That's exactly what this song does. The lyrics are all things we've thought before and the solo is so basic: it's a great rock song.

85. Son Of Sam - Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith is one of the saddest musicians I've ever heard. He is also one of the best. His musik is the antithesis of modern pop musik but presents some of the catchiest and memorable songs I've ever heard. His lyrics are about death, nonacceptance and fear. His melodies are great.

84. To Build A Home [ft. Patrick Watson] - The Cinematic Orchestra
Slowly built, well played, epic chorus within the confounds of the song. Twice.

83. Sowing Season - Brand New
I dare you to find a song that makes you want to yell more than this one. Brand New has still got it, and what they got. Brother, it's a boomin.

82. Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie
Complex for Ben Gibbard, intimate, about a new kind of love and the best song off of Death Cab's most popular album. Another song driven by the drums and voice, this really makes you appreciate the soft notes played.

81. Sun & Ice - The Field
The only trance band you ever need to listen to. Hands down. Get this album and appreciate it now.

80. California - Phantom Planet
Maybe it's because I love The O.C. (even the 4th season, so sue me), maybe it's because this is just a down right awesome pop/rock song that everyone can enjoy. This is a song that brings scenes together in a joyous, welt built chorus.

79. Ch-Check It Out - Beastie Boys Beastie Boys have done it again. Props, dog.

78. Good To Sea - Pinback
"It's good to sea you, it's good to sea you go." The way the bass and the guitar work together on this song is well worthy of respect. This is one of the best indie rock songs I've ever heard and it's also one of the softest.

77. So Far To Go [ft. Common & D'Angelo] - J Dilla
If you don't respect J Dilla then we got a problem.

76. Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco
In my top three all time favorite rappers, Lupe Fiasco hardly ever raps about "bitches and hoes, money fo' show". He's real. He's for all ethnicities. He made a rap song that my dad likes - Kick, Push. The use of horns basically make this song for me. The groove of this song coinciding with the lyrics about coasting is just perfect. One of the best matches I've ever heard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I just stumbled upon this tonight, looking for some blog music, and this is one of the most eclectic batches of music I've seen. I love how, firstly, you pulled excellent songs from a very wide range of genres, and how you also managed to get such, simply put, GOOD SONGS.

I appreciate this muchly, mate.
Thanks and nice work!

September 2, 2009 at 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVING this list. the concise descriptions are great. the variety is rockin. you give respect to all genres!

October 4, 2009 at 2:29 PM  
Blogger Lise! said...

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January 19, 2010 at 1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just kind of randomly discovered this blog while looking for new music and started listening to the playlist that pops up... and everything is FANTASTIC!! I've been needing to freshen up my music library for quite a while, and this is perfect. Thanks so much for coming up with such an amazing mix of music! :)

January 19, 2010 at 1:03 PM  

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