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Oct 1, 2007

Hero Filosofees

While I was watching Heroes, which is awesome by the way, and one of the main characters said something that was interesting. Mr. Linderman said that people must make a choice in life, about life. "You must choose between a life of happiness, and a life of meaning. If you choose a life of happiness, one must live in the moments, thinking nothing of the future or consequences. If one chooses a life of meaning, they will have a life of contentness with no instant gratification. You must think only of the future and the outcomes of ideas."

While Mr. Linderman is a highly respected man on the show I believe there is a flaw to his belief. If someone decides to have a life of meaning, they must live in the moment and vica-versa. If someone is in immediate danger, one must act quickly and saave the life. One must have meaning and significance in the moment.

The idea of significance does take part of making distant and choices for the future but some of those choices do lead to happiness.

I say lead a life of happiness and significance by being the person you know you should be.

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