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Mar 24, 2009

Post-Trip Post... Trip

So I'm back from Den Haag in Holland. Let me first explain my week: Everyday was work experience on the Logos Hope, the boat we were staying on. We were partnered with OM (Operation Mobilization) Ministries which is a ministry that renovates ships, 4 so far, and uses them to travel all over the world. The ship we were on had three main goals at each destination: To bring knowledge, help, and hope. Knowledge because it has the world's largest floating book fair in the world offering literature to anyone who enters. Help with teams entering the community to help rebuild it physically, personally and spiritually. Hope with the gospel. Each person who interacts with an "OM-er" is immediately affected by the love of Christ. This is their approach to missions and as far as I'm concerned, they got it right. Granted this was different than other mission trips I'd been on since it was not street evangelism but relationship and presence oriented it was still without a doubt great. I definitely learned a lot about missions, myself and the big man upstairs. How often to Christians forget that love and relationships are the heart of the Lord? Truly an eye-opener.
Back to the work experiences, here is what we did. Our group would work in different areas - The book hold - pricing, sorting, unloading. For some reason I kept hearing Joanna Newsom's voice while working here. Bridges And Balloons - Joanna Newsom

The galley - cooking, chopping, cleaning. It's the food baby!
The Food [ft. Kanye West] - Common

Accommodations - cleaning the whole ship... everyday

Deck - everything on the ship that needs to be kept up is left to these guys.
REMIX! My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) - Feist or My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix) - Feist

We also had several lessons and ton of ship community time. It was a great experience. If you have two years and don't know what to do - join OM Ships. You'll be blessed as you bless others and you'll learn about yourself as God teaches you his will and ways.

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