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Sep 9, 2009

Who Would Win: Kelly Warren Or Taylor Swift?

Kelly is one of the few people I've met at USC who is both 1) sane AND 2) likes Taylor Swift. Killer combo.
Well, Kelly, being the good friend that she is, was looking through my list of the top 150 songs of the past decade.
Her scolding made me quiver.
"Why is Taylor Swift not on the list!?!?" she yelled to me as she punched a puppy.
This post goes out to you Kelly Warren. Please don't hurt me.

T. Swizzle and T. PIzzle. Thug Story.

Thug Story [ft. T. Pain] - Taylor Swift

Keith Urban has a song titled "Kiss A Girl." Taylor Swift, obviously a comedian, decided to dress up with KISS and dance on stage with Hershey Kisses during his concert. Nice prank.

Here is a collaboration of Viva La Vida and Love Story

Just remember. Your prom date was better looking than Taylor Swift's.

Also, she was on Ellen right after the break up with Joe Jonas (I know, I'm gay).

Her voice isn't as good without the production. I mean, it's good. It's just sad to see that another pop star is computerized. Also, what is that stage outfit babe?

I don't know if you all have this remix but you need it. Now.
You're Not Sorry (CSI Remix) - Taylor Swift

Thanks to these guys for lettings us rip their MP3s.
Remix Nation
I Am Pop Culture

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Anonymous Kelly said...

josh. this is great. im so happy. the viva la vida/love story combo is just. amazing. i owe you forever for introducing me to it.
and that pic. lol lol lol lol. oh goodness.
thank you. this is great.

to everyone else who may encounter this post ever: i dont punch puppies.

good work josh. good work.

September 9, 2009 at 4:53 PM  
OpenID samcrumpler said...

joshua this is literally the most ridiculous thing i have seen all week. a. because it's taylor swift. b. because you posted on taylor swift. c. kelly warren. d. aksjg;a

September 10, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

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