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Dec 12, 2009

Lady Kong Puts A Spell On Common, Animated Santas LIVE

Street Fighter, IRL.

So I have a Tumblr now and it has taken over my life.
I think I may reserve this blog for lists, series, or themed posts and use Tumblr on a daily basis. Just a thought.

Also, my friend and I are starting a musik Tumblr which will feature tunes every day. So I'll post that link whenever we get it rolling.

What if I linked them together... hmm.... I wonder if you can do that.


Oh how the turn tables.


I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins Cover) - She & Him

Let's Start The Show (Extended Mix) - Common


And now for a Christmas tune:
Ho-Ho-Hopefully - The Maine
That's just perfect.


Also, I know this guy.


Thanks to these guys for letting us jack their MP3s

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