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Apr 19, 2009

A Q-A session with BLnD. Please Respond!


OH yeah, it's 4/20. Weed? Not for me but some people like it so here is the best marijuana song:
Burn One Down - Ben Harper

So, you guys need, need, NEED to see this video now. It's amazing. It's so amazing that I will watch again just because I told you guys to. ::watches video. dies laughing:: Hilarious.

I must warn you. Not for the faint of stomach.

Okay but this post is more a response one than anything. I need, need your feedback. Please.

I have several questions. In response you can either
A) Comment on this post at the bottom (anyone can comment)
B) E-mail me:
C) Message me on Facebook
D) Message me/Reply to me on Twitter

Okay here go my q's.

Should I buy my own domain name?

I am tired of Blogger deleting my posts and I want a domain that I can host my own MP3s without fear of Blogger deleting it. I know all my MP3s are for sampling purposes only but they disagree.

Should I make a 24 hour movie about a day in the life of me?

Me and my bud Emily are debating on this idea. It's entirely possible with all the equipment we have. Is it a good idea? Should it be a random day or should I plan out my activities? Should I make a list and accomplish it? Should I edit anything? Please feedback on this one.

Should I post the unedited video chats that occur between myself, Will and Seth? (Or @WCrosswell and @SAJR4 as they're known on Twitter).

These vlogs are sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes hours long but my oh my are they effing hilarious. Do you guys want to see the genius behind our tweets, our blogs, our lives? Should I edit them? Should I enhance them?

Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You" vs.
Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train" vs.
Pink "So What" vs.
Daft Punk "Technologic"
My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks - Dan Mei & Mac Johnce

Should I take on more "definitive" posts?

Should I make every day or every other day have a specific post? Mondays are my new comic strip (coming soon btw. You'll understand soon). Wednesday is my new poll (like Friday is Weekend Warriors and Sunday is a time to answer questions asked by you guys? Maybe not exactly that schedule but would it be cool to have a definite post for definite days?

Final question:

What is the future of BLnD?

I appreciate you all reading this but why should I keep blogging? Should I start blogging about my day to day life or do you guys just want more MP3s to sample and videos to laugh at? Is this all just a waste?

Wasted Time - Merry Clayton

Anyways, please respond.

Here is a goody:
Lullaby Exile - M. Ward

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Blogger Megan said...

how much does a new domain name cost? yes post unedited video chats

April 28, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

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