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Oct 25, 2007

Political correctness..... fatty!

Our government is awesome!

The political correctness of our society is so much so that it is becoming offensive. People today are racist, sexist, weightist, and everything else that is different from themselves....-ist.

The "appropriate" term for fat is "obese".
The "appropriate" term for black and beautiful is "African-American".
The "appropriate" term for gay is "homosexual".

Why don't people stop worrying about what people need to be called so they don't "feel bad" or "take offense" and just say what needs to be said?
And on the other hand why don't the people who get up in arms about political correctness just CHILL OUT! If someone is fat let them be fat and don't worry about it. If they want to be fat, let them. Fat people know it isn't good for their health to be tubby but if they don't like care, LET THEM EAT!

I know I don't make alot of sense and I know I am a bad explainer but the main point in a majority of my filosofees is:
"Do what you want, man, just be whoever the crap you want to be".

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