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Jul 21, 2008


So I was waiting for the server to reboot this morning at work and decided to get angry about something. While I do this often, the getting angry about something random, this is my first post concerning my thoughts. Granted this is about .01% premeditated, .01% Big Mouth Billy Bass (the talking/singing fish) and 99.98% stream of consciousness rant. 

This morning I was looking back as some previous wall messages on Facebook profiles and noticed a consistency, the letter "z". Not just words/phrases that start with "z" like "Za Rodinu!", "Zapalese", or "Zabbalust", I'm talking 
about words ending in the neglected letter. "Realz" and "Surez" are some prime examples of our educated generation incorporating phonetic spelling into everyday life. Let's say the sentence is: "ya i saw her looking sad like for realz." How does that make you feel? Like you should judge the person using poor grammar or just accept the fact that this is the natural progression of our language just as "Friend" and "Google" have become more than nouns? The choice is up to you yet could the sentence be presented clearer written as so or another variation of the same motif: "Yes, in fact I did see her, yesterday at the mall to be exact. Why do you ask? Oh yes I agree comrade, she did look a little grimmer than usual, perhaps we should go cheer her up."? Whatever, I must go back to the infamously popular quote "There are more important things in life than words, shows and hair." So true mom, so true. Granted, I'm happy "z" is getting attention so I don't know if I'm in any place to complain or judge, I just think we should all be ready for "z" to begin to infiltrate our everyday convos..... for realz.

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