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Oct 30, 2007

Hiphopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

So in my recent listening to J Dilla and Common's latest installments of musik and my recent addiction to Flight Of The Conchords, a wonderful show on HBO and a must-see for anyone with good humour, I have decided to produce my own hip-hop/rap album. Who knows how far I will get in this but if I even get one song that I am content with, you guys will be the first to know.

Lemme know if anyone has any funny topics or lines, just comment me below or 'facebook' me.

Peace out (hince the 'gangsta'-ness)


Oct 25, 2007

Political correctness..... fatty!

Our government is awesome!

The political correctness of our society is so much so that it is becoming offensive. People today are racist, sexist, weightist, and everything else that is different from themselves....-ist.

The "appropriate" term for fat is "obese".
The "appropriate" term for black and beautiful is "African-American".
The "appropriate" term for gay is "homosexual".

Why don't people stop worrying about what people need to be called so they don't "feel bad" or "take offense" and just say what needs to be said?
And on the other hand why don't the people who get up in arms about political correctness just CHILL OUT! If someone is fat let them be fat and don't worry about it. If they want to be fat, let them. Fat people know it isn't good for their health to be tubby but if they don't like care, LET THEM EAT!

I know I don't make alot of sense and I know I am a bad explainer but the main point in a majority of my filosofees is:
"Do what you want, man, just be whoever the crap you want to be".

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Oct 16, 2007

Blank Ideas

As my mind draws a blank on what filosofee to explain and share next I can't help but think that movies and musik have shaped my very ideas and beliefs. The idea of doing what must be done, 25th Hour; the concept of holding out because of love, Cast Away; realizing that sometimes you just need to boogie, Daft Punk. These and MANY other magnificent pieces have shaped my worldview.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can read how deep or how shallow you want into anything, just be open minded. The idea that epiphanies can come from art is not abstract (no pun untended) so let your mind be free and experience all you can from every situation - good or bad.


Oct 9, 2007

The Skill Of Imagination

"What if it is not my skill that has failed me, but my imagination?" - Bioshock

We all know that children have more imagination than adults yet adults have more skill than imagination. I was thinking about this and wondered whether or not children should be allowed in the Think Tank. Abstract thinking has proven as a powerful tool in scientific and medical breakthroughs and in art.

If stingy, stuck-up, close minded adults think that they are more important and/or smarter than kids they need to think twice and again. Children have uninhibited, creative minds that know no boundaries, therefore allowing artistic and unprecidented thinking.

We should not take children for granted or their minds for gain yet we should welcome a free way of thinking and expretion.

Children are the future... and the present.

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Oct 4, 2007

Monthly A-Z Playlists - October 2007

Each month, I make a playlist consisting of an artist of every letter of the alphabet. This is October 2007:

1. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse - Pop - Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Official Soundtrack

2. B****es Ain't S**t - Ben Folds - Pop - Live, Rare, B-Sides And Others

3. The People [ft. Dwele] - Common - Hip Hop/Rap - Finding Forever

4. Please Forgive Me - David Gray - Pop - White Ladder

5. Everything Means Nothing To Me - Elliott Smith - Indie - Figure 8

6. The Age Of Aquarius - The Fifth Dimension - Pop - The Greatest Hit

7. Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - Soundtrack - Once: Music From The Motion Picture

8. Over & Over - Hot Chip - Electronic - The Warning

9. Swans & The Swimming - Iron & Wine - Folk - Our Endless Numbered Days

10. Grace - Jeff Buckley - Alternative - Grace [Legacy Edition]

11. Crawling Up A Hill - Katie Melua - Rock - Call Off The Search

12. Superman - Lazlo Bane - Pop - All The Time In The World

13. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word To Say - Mary J. Blige - Soundtrack - Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Official Soundtrack

14. Looking For A Kiss - New York Dolls - Hair Metal - New York Dolls

15. Idlewild Blues - Outkast - Hip Hop/Rap - Idlewild

16. If I Had A Hammer - Peter, Paul, And Mary - Folk - The Very Best Of Peter Paul And Mary

17. No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age - Rock - Unofficial Guitar Hero Soundtrack

18. Losing My Religion - R.E.M. - Rock - Out Of Time

19. Hello Darkness My Old Friend (LIVE) - Simon & Garfunkel - Folk - Old Friends

20. American Girl - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Rock - Greatest Hits

21. Daysleeper - Under The Influence Of Giants - Rock - Under The Influence Of Giants

22. Christmastime Is Here (Instrumental) - Vince Guaraldi Trio - Soundtrack - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered)

23. Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie - Rock - Unofficial Guitar Hero Soundtrack

24. Ball And Chain - XTC - Rock - Upsy Daisy Assortment

25. Y Control - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rock - Fever To Tell

26. Love Is My Religion - Ziggy Marley - Reggae - Love Is My Religion

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Oct 1, 2007

Hero Filosofees

While I was watching Heroes, which is awesome by the way, and one of the main characters said something that was interesting. Mr. Linderman said that people must make a choice in life, about life. "You must choose between a life of happiness, and a life of meaning. If you choose a life of happiness, one must live in the moments, thinking nothing of the future or consequences. If one chooses a life of meaning, they will have a life of contentness with no instant gratification. You must think only of the future and the outcomes of ideas."

While Mr. Linderman is a highly respected man on the show I believe there is a flaw to his belief. If someone decides to have a life of meaning, they must live in the moment and vica-versa. If someone is in immediate danger, one must act quickly and saave the life. One must have meaning and significance in the moment.

The idea of significance does take part of making distant and choices for the future but some of those choices do lead to happiness.

I say lead a life of happiness and significance by being the person you know you should be.

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