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Mar 29, 2009

All Non-Conformists Are Just Alike

So let's talk a second about blogging. Blogging is a free forum for anyone to create whatever the heck they want. If I want to blog about musik, I can do that, movies, I can do that, art, I can do that, celebrity appearances in LA, I can do that. Blogs are the voice of the everyman. Granted some blogs are a waste of time and some are amazing (take your pic for which this one is). Some blogs are rants (like I'm doing now), some are themed, some are just downright awesome. Now, let's talk about some famous indie blogs (if that's possible). We've got GorillaVsBear, we've got PostSecret and we've got HipsterRunOff. It's the last one I want to talk about. If you aren't familiar with the blog HipsterRunOff you should take a second and look about it. It's a guy named "Carles" which is obviously Charles and his slogan is, "A blog worth blogging about."

Obviously he is correct. Let's delve into the phenomenon that is HRO though. Carles is famous for 7 things.

1) Spelling things oddly.
2) Using abbreviations.
3) Posting musik and videos.
4) Blogging about being independent (indie)
5) Making fun of main-stream ideologies.
6) Bringing light to the "out of the loop" kid.
7) He uses "y'all" a lot.

Basically, he knows he's got it and he uses it too. But what is "IT"? It is the ability to think what we are all thinking without knowing we are thinking it. We've all had these thoughts but they were never formulated. He is original by being obvious. Let me explain. Some of his most memorable posts are definitely worth checking out. Especially one called "My Relationship with Girl Talk." I had been thinking a lot about this but had never actually formulated an official opinion. Carles takes the ideas of the indie scene and puts structure to them. Also seen in "Which shoe company represents U?" or "O.J. Simpson is the most alternative man alive." He's culturally relevant and hits the money with a flyswatter... or something like that. Let's go back to my favorite of his posts though: the one on Girl Talk. Now I love Girl Talk. In fact in all my concert experiences it was by far the most fun I've ever had at a show. But Carles talks about how GT may be being ruined and becoming too "mainstream." Some of his reasons are

"so many uninteresting people think they are interesting bc they like him."
"He looks like a mainstreamer gone alt"

Now let's talk about how Carles himself is the most mainstream-alternative blogger in the sphere. I've never seen Carles personally but I can guess that he looks like an "alt bro" and there are definitely WAY too many people who try and copy his style. If you just read his post comments they are all misspelled indie-esque "Hey everyone please think I'm funny too" posts. Everyone who reads HRO wants to be Carles or wants Carles to give them the nod. He is becoming the epitome of blog styles as well. He usually ends posts with funny questions and I cannot TELL you people how many times I've seen this come about. People I KNOW read HRO because of the exact style repped or HRO is in the blog roll. Carles is becoming the mainstream image for alternative brothers and he doesn't even have a face. How can people want to copy him when they aren't as funny or original as he is. HipsterRunOff is becoming everything it criticizes and more. Sure he isn't ridiculous indie clothing or political drama but he is being blogged about. He is a metaphor. He is an outline. He is inspiration. This "I wanna be different" guy is the model for all other "I wanna be different" - ers.

All non-conformists are just alike.

Don't get me wrong, I like him. I think his Twitter updates are hilarious! Just look at them! It's definitely a blog worth checking out. But if you want to be original - copying a blog is not the way to go.

Being yourself is.

Speaking of being unoriginal here are three of the most blogged songs in the sphere.
So you ALL should have heard all three of these by now but I just wanted to make sure. (HINT HINT STEPHANIE HINT HINT)

The Knife - Grizzly Bear
Heartbeats - The Knife
Knife/Heartbeats (Grizzly Bear vs The Knife) - PARRKA

Anyways, I hope this didn't offend you HRO but I just wanted to see if anyone else agreed.


Does Carles care about us with his questions? I realize that this is a question at the end of my blog but I wanted your thoughts. Is Carles just trying to make us feel accepted with his questions?
Does Carles care about anyone who isn't "MeMe"?
Does Carles love?
Take that HipsterRunOff. Now I'm cool too. Wanna blog about me? Go ahead and try. Any q-s you have -

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Random Goodness

So "The View" 's talking about Christian Bale's freakout is WAY WAY funnier than the actual freak out itself.

And Here is a site that complies pretty much every pop culture related piece of internet-ness you'll ever need. You Should Have Seen This

As for musik:

This makes Kanye sound smart! Love Lockdown (White Chokolate Remix) - Kanye West
This one is fangadelic (I only say that because I recently bought Blacula and I wanted to use that adjective ASAP) Gotta Know - Melee Beats
And in case you missed their Letterman performance: Two Weeks (LIVE) - Grizzly Bear

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Mar 24, 2009

Post-Trip Post... Trip

So I'm back from Den Haag in Holland. Let me first explain my week: Everyday was work experience on the Logos Hope, the boat we were staying on. We were partnered with OM (Operation Mobilization) Ministries which is a ministry that renovates ships, 4 so far, and uses them to travel all over the world. The ship we were on had three main goals at each destination: To bring knowledge, help, and hope. Knowledge because it has the world's largest floating book fair in the world offering literature to anyone who enters. Help with teams entering the community to help rebuild it physically, personally and spiritually. Hope with the gospel. Each person who interacts with an "OM-er" is immediately affected by the love of Christ. This is their approach to missions and as far as I'm concerned, they got it right. Granted this was different than other mission trips I'd been on since it was not street evangelism but relationship and presence oriented it was still without a doubt great. I definitely learned a lot about missions, myself and the big man upstairs. How often to Christians forget that love and relationships are the heart of the Lord? Truly an eye-opener.
Back to the work experiences, here is what we did. Our group would work in different areas - The book hold - pricing, sorting, unloading. For some reason I kept hearing Joanna Newsom's voice while working here. Bridges And Balloons - Joanna Newsom

The galley - cooking, chopping, cleaning. It's the food baby!
The Food [ft. Kanye West] - Common

Accommodations - cleaning the whole ship... everyday

Deck - everything on the ship that needs to be kept up is left to these guys.
REMIX! My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) - Feist or My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix) - Feist

We also had several lessons and ton of ship community time. It was a great experience. If you have two years and don't know what to do - join OM Ships. You'll be blessed as you bless others and you'll learn about yourself as God teaches you his will and ways.

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Mar 15, 2009

Out Of Town

So I'll be out of town for a week on a mission trip to The Netherlands with OM Ships. I'll post a post-trip post when I get back. Here is the song I'll be listening to on repeat my entire trip.

Amsterdam - Peter, Bjorn And John

Amsterdam - Peter, Bjorn And John (alt link - same song)

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Mar 12, 2009

Is Twitter Satan?

"When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." - Proverbs 10:19

This verse was brought to my attention whenever I asked my youth leader if he "tweeted." He used to but has recently stopped due to researching the Holy Book. He stopped using when he found this one and surprisingly felt convicted. It made me wonder if tools such as Facebook/MySpace/FriendFeed/Twitter are biblical or not. Granted, I SERIOUSLY doubt that Paul or James is going to talk about internet networking sites but what about useless gabbing? While I couldn't find anything specific, I have been in prayer about whether it is okay to allow anyone who wants to access my life. It makes me ponder the information I present. Can you know someone from reading their tweets, their profiles or blogs? How easy is it to portray whoever you want with these interfaces?

"A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions." - Proverbs 18:2

Granted, I am clearly taking these verses as single statements and out of context but even still it makes one wonder. I can't say that this post itself is anything more than useless speech but I just wanted to see if anyone agreed or had any thoughts on this.

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Mar 6, 2009

Weekend Warriors: Metallic Wild Signs


The hilarious truth behind Girls Gone Wild:

Road Sign Craziness:

You can check out these different sites for signs dealing with: Zombies,
or a variety of mayhem.

And finally you can view someone's list of their "Top 20 Most Outrageous Metal Album Covers." Here are a few of my favorites:

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