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Sep 27, 2009

Kyle Jackson

So my Kyle Jackson and I are friends. He's a sick indie photographer.

The cat shoots skaters.

The cat shoots people.

The cat shoots nature.

He's very good. So good that I can't even describe it. View for yourself.
Kyle Jackson's Flickr
See? Told ya.

He's going to see Colour Revolt tonight. That'll be cool.
Naked And Red - Colour Revolt

He's also really into this band.

Straight Edge for life bro.

So why are Kyle Jackson and I friends (besides the obvious)?
This is why.
Let me replay our text conversation from last night:

Me - "Just an average day in lufe but you're willing to spend a little money because your boss gave you the thumbs up at work for turning your report in on time right after the girl you've been facebook stalking wrote on your wall unexpectedly? Celebrate with a bloomin' onion! Let's go outback tonight."
Kyle - "I got 99 problems but a damsel with loose morals is not one."
Me - "Already read that on tumblr. I win"
Kyle - "They got it from me obvi."
Me - "Oooooh. Touche' sir. Touche'. Silly of me to think a woman could be funny on her own."
Kyle - "What can women do on their own anyway?"
Me - "Wanna hear a joke?"
Kyle - "Women's rights."
Me - "Sir. You read my mind. Continue to impress me and someone will receive a special high five."


Thanks for these guys for letting us jack their MP3s.

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OpenID samcrumpler said...

i looked at this guy's flickr. he's taken pictures of people i know, small world.

September 30, 2009 at 1:06 AM  

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