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Jul 1, 2009

Your Opinion Changes Nothing.

Don't know if you guys have heard but here is some "breaking" news in the MJ death-stuff.

Michael Jackson may not be the biological father of his three children! Not only that, but Rowe, the "mother", was just a surrogate mother and isn't the biological mother either, technically. Wild.
You can view the full article from CBS News here

Also, Michael's father is frightening.

Bad - Michael Jackson

Here's every MJ song you need to hear:
Weekly Tape Deck


One of my dear friends sent me this video. I know you'll enjoy it

I don't know if you guys read Everything Is Terrible but here is a little clip of their greatness


With all the recent deaths and affairs on the news, it's hard to remember some of the important things (not that death isn't important, just that other things are still happening).

Let's continue to pray for Iran and for their hope and perseverance.
Continue to pray for President Bush

Pray for justice in communistic countries

Pray for President Obama and his actions

Pray for Hurricane Katrina victims

Pray for the genocides and famine in Africa. Pray for salvation.

Blue Spotted Tail (LIVE on BBC 6) - Fleet Foxes

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